videohug_feat branding

c84c1730049325-56113a79a7b88 was my graduation project. I made a logo, corporate identity and a website for the concept of an influencer marketing company, focused on YouTubers. YouTube influencers can join for support and more traffic/ads on their channel, and brands/companies can contact so that they can get in touch with a YouTube influencer that suits their brand or product.


Home page. 


About page. 


Influencer page with more information and a gallery with influencers who already joined 


Page for the brands/companies. With the help of archetypes, brands could search for an influencer that suits their brand or product the most. 


Starter kit page. The YouTube starter kit is something an influencer would get if they joined, to get a jump start. It contains a SD card with a welcome video, some stickers, a flyer with the YouTube guidelines etc.